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RF 600mm F11 IS STM Canon 42

Canon RF 600mm F11 IS STM

The RF 600mm F11 IS STM is a telephoto prime lens with 5-stop Image Stabilizer ideal for casual wildlife and travel

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The RF 600mm IS STM is a super telephoto prime lens. It is perfect for animal portraits and casual wildlife photography even in your back garden thanks to its short (4.5 m) closest focusing distance. Lightweight, powerful and smaller than its brother, the RF 800mm. It is a pleasingly compact telephoto lens with a 5-stop Image Stabilizer for handheld shooting and compatible with RF extenders for greater reach. For compactness this telephoto prime lens benefits from a Diffractive Optic (DO) design combined with the RF mount and a fixed F11 aperture, which make it easier to pack into a camera bag. It is designed for Canon’s Full Frame mirrorless cameras, so its RF mount offers faster communication speed than a DSLR, delivering excellent IS / AF performance.


  • Bring the everyday closer and fill the frame with garden wildlife at home or out and about, packing your pictures with glorious detail and impact
  • Thanks to a 5-stop optical Image Stabilizer, you can achieve super sharp telephoto images and movies without a tripod
  • Because of the RF mount, an F11 aperture and Diffractive Optics, the small telephoto lens measures only 199.5 mm in length when stored and weighs only 930 g
  • An STM motor allows smooth, quiet AF while a Lens Control Ring gives intuitive control over settings. Pleasing bokeh is achieved thanks to a bladeless, F11 aperture
  • A remarkably competitive price brings a super telephoto lens with powerful stabilisation and autofocus to all enthusiasts

Introducing the Canon RF600mm

Description Quantity
iM2306 Black Flight Case1
E-82 II Lens Cap1
Rear Lens Cap (RF)1
82mm UV Filter1
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